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Men's Haircut

Redd's Haircut Services

This service is a scissor or clipper cut. 

  • ​Short Haircut (Above Jawline)

  • Long Haircut (Below Jawline)

Kids Haircut
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Skin Fade

This service involves more time with us. We will give your fade that extra crisp look by taking it down to a 0 or bald on the sides and back. Will be done with clippers or straight razor. 


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Little Cut

This service is a scissor or clipper cut. 

* For 11 and younger



Getting Haircut at Babershop
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Neck Trim

Cleans up around ears and neck . This is useful to do in between haircuts.

Getting Straight Razor Shave
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Straight Razor Shave

Enjoy our relaxing 45-60 Minute Straight Razor Shave.

Beard Trims
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Facial Hair Services

 Will Include Trimming the length of the beard and mustache. While lining it up and leaving it stubble free on the cheeks and neck. We are also able to do clean up just on your mustache or goatee

* Straight Razor Not Included

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Straight Razor
Electric Head Shave

Our Straight razor head shave is a 45 minute service that leaves your head very soft and smooth.


Electric head shave service is done with clippers and leaves your head stubble free and  smooth. 

Flat Top
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Flat top

This service is fully cut with clippers and the top will be cut flat. 

Scalp Massage
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Add- On's

10 Minute Scalp Massage

5 Minute Scalp Massage


Ear Wax

Nose Wax

Eyebrow Wax

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