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About Us

Redd’s Men’s Cuts was founded by Madalyn Redd in 2017.  Madalyn has been a barber in multiple capacities throughout her career including working at various barbershops around the Puget Sound area since 2009.


After 8-years in the hair industry Madalyn had seen hundreds of individuals enter the industry with a passion for cutting hair only to see them leave the industry completely within their first few years of working in it because of the lack of earning potential being offered by the majority of the big name barbershops and salons out there, and also a lack of continuing education being offered to help them learn to become successful.   


In August of 2017, Madalyn decided to step out in faith and open the doors to her first barbershop in Duvall, WA.  She did so with the intent of creating a business that not only gave a high-quality hair cut at a reasonable price, but more so to give her employees the ability to earn $60,000 - $75,000 per year as full-time barbers by putting a major emphasis on continuing education and really focusing on teaching them exactly how to become successful enough to turn their passion into a career.


Within a couple years of opening her first barbershop, Madalyn quickly realized that she enjoyed training other barbers to become successful just as much as she enjoyed cutting hair.  The entrepreneurship bug had been sparked in her and she opened a second location in Lake Stevens, WA in August of 2020. 


Each location has become hugely successful due to Madalyn’s ability to recruit, train and hire high quality individuals. She treats them like family and pays them a more-than livable wage that is almost twice the industry average in WA state.


A driving force and huge influence in Madalyn’s life is her father.  Her father was an extremely successful dentist that owned his own dental practice for over 30-years in Duvall, WA.  Being able to grow up and watch the relationships he was able to cultivate with his patients as well as the positive impact he was able to have in the community was something she always admired about him and now strives to emulate with her own businesses in their respective communities.​

The Redd's Difference

Redd’s Men’s Cuts offers a combination of excellent customer service and high-quality barbering services.  With the support of our experienced and talented staff, we make each experience at our shops a comfortable and enjoyable one that leaves you highly satisfied.


Redd’s Men's Cuts gives everybody a high-end barber shop haircut, delivered at a reasonable price. Our shops cater to all ages, and we offer a full menu of services that are sure to meet anybody’s needs. Our services include scissor cuts, clipper cuts, fades, beard trims, straight razor shaves, scalp massages and much more.


If we do our job right, then you will get more than just a haircut and a shave- you will have a barber for life. Come in and give us a shot, we are confident you will agree!

Reservations are highly encouraged for all services, although walk-ins are always welcome. Clients can also check out individual stylists and barber schedules on our website at

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