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About Us

Many have asked what made me decide on opening up my own barbershop in Duvall. The answer is that I grew up here. My dad has been a Dentist here for over 25 years which has made Duvall a second home to me. I am excited to have my business in this little town and to be a part of this amazing community as well.

I then decided to grow my business in Lake Stevens. My husband and I decided to make the jump to open our second barbershop mid pandemic. We opened our doors in September of 2020 . It was a crazy start for my barbershop. But, we made it and have grown to have amazing teams ( In both locations). I am excited to bring my shop to this community!

I have been a barber for many years and it is a true passion of mine. It is our goal to make all of our clients feel comfortable and always leave happy while getting the thumbs up from all the important people in their life! 

Redds Mens Cuts provides a first-class barber shop at a  affordable price! Our barbershop does everything from beard trims to straight razor shaves and scissor cuts to skin fades. We cater to young boys and grown men. If we do our job right then you will get more than just a haircut and a shave- the experience will be amazing and still be at a great price!

- Madalyn Redd

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